Vital Nutrition

This special Nacional flour for multigrain bread is a mixture of several cereals and grains, ideal for baking bread with a healthy, balanced flavour. Bread made with this flour is an excellent source of fibre. Make it by hand or in a machine.

Nutrition table
Nutrition Declaration
Average values: Per 100g of product

Per 100 g bread

Energy 1578 kJ 1057 kJ
374 kcal 251 kcal
Fat 8,4 g 5,6 g
of which saturates 1,2 g 0,8 g
Carbohydrate 58 g 39 g
of which sugars 1,8 g 1,2 g
Fibre 6,0 g 4,0 g
Protein 14 g 9,2 g
Salt* 1,5 g 1,0 g

(tolerances according to ET.CE.05)

*100 g bread prepared according to the instructions on the bag


WHEAT flour (gluten), hulled grain (15%) (SESAME, BUCKWHEAT, sunflower, golden and brown linseed), whole OAT flour, RYE flour, BUCKWHEAT flour, BARLEY flour, roasted BARLEY flour, SPELT flour, dry yeast, salt, anticaking agent: calcium carbonate, emulsifier: mono and diacetyltartaric esters of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid) and enzymes. May contain traces of MILK